Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate crystals in a special formulation. Baking soda is a natural, non-hazardous , food grade quality, inorganic material with a soft crystalline structure that makes it an ideal mild abrasive.  Soft baking soda crystals actually breakdown on contact with the material, resulting in a gentle cleaning process. Baking soda is completely soluble in water and poses no special safety or disposal concerns.
Paint or other coatings can be removed quickly and safely. This process is perfect for auto, motorcycle, or boat restoration.
Soda Blasting is also used extensively for stripping paint from automobiles.  Normal stripping techniques require the use of sanders and grinders on the car's surface.  A typical size car takes approximately 2 days to completely prepare, strip, and clean using traditional methods.  Soda Blasting will reduce the time needed to complete this task to a mere 3 hours.  Soda Blasting effectively removes the paint and does not damage the vehicle's metal surface, glass, or plastic trim.
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